Short CV

Hans Jørgen Andersen is head of department for the department of architecture, design and media technology at Aalborg University. 

Hans Jørgen Andersen is head of department for Architecture, Design, and Media Technology at Aalborg University since 2013. The department has about 200 employees and an annual turnover of 110 mio. He has during the last 15 years been a key person in development of one of the Universities fastest growing departments in terms of students, publications and external turnover.  (

His research interest lies within media technology with focus on interactive systems ranging from human-robotic collaborative systems within architecture and design to systems used at personal to urban scale. He has been research leader for a number of national and international and national projects national research projects and published about 100 international scientific papers within more than 1000 citations.



From industry he has experience as head of research and development from the start up company Eco-Dan ApS where he was in charge of the first commercial implementation of a computer vision system for row guidance of agricultural machinery based on the results of his PhD study. The system received among many prizes EU IST grant IT prize in 2002.